Small Group Leader

A Small Group leader is responsible for organizing and hosting a Small Group one night a week. The Small Group doesn’t necessarily have to be at your house, and you don’t have to prepare any lessons. Simply provide a place for conversation to happen. Yo udon’t have to have a lot of time, just a heart to serve. Even if you aren’t sure about leading or still have questions, email us.

Food Team

The Food Team helps with all the food prep and decorating that sets us apart. All it requires is a few extra minutes to help before and after our events. This team is what makes the college ministry really feel like your grandma’s kitchen. To help us out, send us an email.

Host Team

The Walk experience begins in the parking lot. We want everyone coming to feel like they’re home – right as they step out of their cars. You’ll come a little early, help get stuff set up, then man the doors, the hallways, the parking lots – preferably with a smile and an occasional high five if you’re feeling especially friendly. Send us an email if you’re interested in the Host Team.

Media Team

The purpose of the Media Team is to communicate messages in fresh, exciting, and effective ways. Technical and creative minds are welcome to unleash here. With several ways to serve in the production ministry, we always have a fun project waiting. Email us to find out more about what you can do.

If any of these options strike your fancy, email us at